Williesha Morris

Williesha Morris

Freelance Writer, Journalist

Being a freelance writer means always having writing in the back of my mind. Essays, features, memoirs. What can I write about next is the question.

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The Birmingham News

Loving Day celebration to commemorate end of interracial marriage ban

"Tell the Court I love my wife."
Those simple words from Richard Loving resonated in the minds of the attorneys arguing for the 1967 Supreme Court case Loving vs. Virginia.
Though not as recognizable ...

The Birmingham News

Public should focus on Bresette family, not the investigation

The dream of becoming a travel writer floats around in the corner of my mind. It has for several years. I was never able to make it a full-time job, but it was a dream nonetheless. I didn't care about the fly-overs, the endless waiting and walking at the airport.

Sherylsandberg article
The Birmingham News

Take heed and don't scoff at Sandberg's message for women

When I was asked to put in my two cents about Sheryl Sandberg, my first thoughts were, "Who's Sheryl Sandberg?"
I am indeed a Facebook power user, but the politics behind who runs the social media gia...

The Birmingham News

What this newbie loves about Birmingham

It's quite appropriate my very first post is about what I love about this city. It was tough at first, because I'm a transplant. I was born and raised in South Carolina, and I often miss it and my peo...