Williesha Morris

Williesha Morris

Freelance Writer, Journalist

Being a freelance writer means always having writing in the back of my mind. Essays, features, memoirs. What can I write about next is the question.

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Goods513 article
Birmingham Magazine

Game On!

File away those humdrum playing cards. Put the checkers game in storage — for good.

This list of tantalizing summer activities includes unusual games to activate your mind or your body.

Creatingcomfort article
Birmingham Magazine

Creating Comfort

Throwing a hat-and-scarf party for a loved one undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Morris 048 article
Birmingham Magazine

Moving Forward - Interracial Marriage - "Family Matters"

I almost always forget
that my husband, Jason, and I are
“different.” After all, we met at
the pop culture/sci-fi convention
Dragon*Con in Atlanta. It’s a place
where differences are celebrated,
even revered, and so the fact that
he’s white and I’m black wasn’t an issue.