Williesha Morris

Williesha Morris

Freelance Writer, Journalist

Being a freelance writer means always having writing in the back of my mind. Essays, features, memoirs. What can I write about next is the question.

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Open uri20130919 19686 129flle article

The faces of print journalism's decline

Just glancing at the results of a Google search for...

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Be A Freelance Blogger

How Dogged Persistence Landed My First Regular Blogging Gig

Three months and 17 e-mails.
That’s how much effort it took to get my first blogging client. I know it sounds a smidge ridiculous, but it was a worthy and important lesson in patience and persistence....

Open uri20130731 21850 xb3oyd article

How to Transform Your Career Failures into Superhero-Sized Success

Lessons you can learn from screenwriter, director and comic book author Joss Whedon and apply to your own career success.

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Make A Living Writing

4 Things I Learned About Writing from Playing World of Warcraft

The massively-multiplayer online game World of Warcraft (WoW) is the game of choice for me and my husband’s family.

Goods513 article
Birmingham Magazine

Game On!

File away those humdrum playing cards. Put the checkers game in storage — for good.

This list of tantalizing summer activities includes unusual games to activate your mind or your body.

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My Professional Blog

Overcoming Obstacles: Interview With Blogger Sophie Lizard (Part 1)

Thrilled. Honored. Inspired.
These adjectives describe how I felt interviewing Sophie Lizard, a freelance blogger whose guide to high-paying blogs led to me nabbing my first guest post. Her blog, “Be ...

More In Media

7 Additional Twitter Rules To Adhere To

This is a guest post by Williesha Morris. Williesha juggles the duties of a freelance writer and administrative consultant. That means she actually enjoys using Microsoft Office but also enjoys writin...

The Birmingham News

Loving Day celebration to commemorate end of interracial marriage ban

"Tell the Court I love my wife."
Those simple words from Richard Loving resonated in the minds of the attorneys arguing for the 1967 Supreme Court case Loving vs. Virginia.
Though not as recognizable ...

Open uri20121229 12271 1opjfec article
Big Shiny Robot

REVIEW: “Django Unchained”

109 times.

According to Variety magazine, that’s the number of times the N-word is spoken in Tarantino’s “Django Unchaine...

Creatingcomfort article
Birmingham Magazine

Creating Comfort

Throwing a hat-and-scarf party for a loved one undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

The Birmingham News

Public should focus on Bresette family, not the investigation

The dream of becoming a travel writer floats around in the corner of my mind. It has for several years. I was never able to make it a full-time job, but it was a dream nonetheless. I didn't care about the fly-overs, the endless waiting and walking at the airport.

Sherylsandberg article
The Birmingham News

Take heed and don't scoff at Sandberg's message for women

When I was asked to put in my two cents about Sheryl Sandberg, my first thoughts were, "Who's Sheryl Sandberg?"
I am indeed a Facebook power user, but the politics behind who runs the social media gia...

Carolina Currents

Portal to the Past: Exploring The Depths of Lake Murray

Beneath the rippling waters of South
Carolina’s Lake Murray, beyond the
wake of a passing pram, is a history as rich and deep as the lake itself. Young sailors rounding a set of buoys may be unaware of the tales this manmade lake holds.

The Birmingham News

What this newbie loves about Birmingham

It's quite appropriate my very first post is about what I love about this city. It was tough at first, because I'm a transplant. I was born and raised in South Carolina, and I often miss it and my peo...